Condamne Amour

"Condamne Amour, Fragments d'une vie" by Ponsamy Poongavanon was published by Editions les Printemps, Mauritius in 2003 and launched at the Central prison, Beau-Bassin, Mauritius by Honourable Samioullah Lauthan, Minister of Social security and Reforms Institutions. 

The author started writing this book when he was still in the death row to tell all the truth to his unique daugter, Saradha.The book is in french and became a best seller in the region of Indian ocean. This is a true story of the author.

Ten People You've Never Met

Are About to Change Your Life

Sam Rowland has written one Chapter upon the life of Sam Poongavanon. He met Sam on the island of Mauritius during one of his visits where he was touched by his testimony. This book was published in USA in 2010.

Enfance Brisee

"Enfance Brisee, et autres Nouvelles"was published by Edition de La Tour in Mauritius and launched by the Minister of Arts & Culture at the Richelieu Open prison in 2005.

There are eight mauritian true stories and one of them " Enfance brisee" was awarded a distinction at Academie Francophone in France, 1978.


From Pit To Pulpit is the true story of Ponsamy Poongavanon (Sam) who was sentenced to death by the Assizes Court of Mauritius in 1987. In this insightful book, the author offers the essence of his experiences to master the problems of everyday life. You will learn:

How he faced death.

How to eliminate self-doubt.

How to free yourself from worry, stress and resentment.

How to forgive!

How to rise above problems to visualize and attain solutions.

How faith in yourself causes good things to happen to you.

Simple exercises to eliminate negative thought patterns that are counter-productive.

How to change your mindset and reinforce your new-found habit of happiness. Available on the market as from November 28, 2020.